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Realization of new flat roofs

We install insulation layers on flat roofs of newly built hall structures, administrative buildings, and housing structures.

As a rule, installations of roofing blankets are done for investors or general contractors of projects. During the projecting phase, we collaborate with planners as well as construction engineers (calculation thermal parameters) to find solutions for technical details and most appropriate combination of insulation layers.

Installation of roofing blankets involves also tinwork and tin products, foil systems, mostly in the form of special systems, but also made-to-measure classical tinwork, light shafts, and RWA, lighting rod systems and, last but not the least, utility layers for walking or mobile facilities on roofs, including vegetation roofs with extensive or intensive greenery.

Reconstruction and repair of existing flat roofs

A major portion of our work consists of reconstruction of existing roofs, mostly on apartment building or hall structures.

Our technicians draw up assessments and proposals for suitable reconstruction measures, including technical solutions for projects, thermal parameter assessment, solution of details and price calculation. Usually, bids are drawn up in several variants, depending on material and cost calculation.

Roofing blanket reconstructions may also include subdeliveries, such as repair of brickwork roof additions, tinwork and tin products, light shafts, RWA, lighting sets, etc. In addition to the above, we install supplementary thermal insulation, based on prior assessment of the thermal parameters of the given structure’s roofing blanket, taking into consideration current regulations for thermal paneling of buildings..

Waterproofing and insulation against radon

A separate category of our activities consists of project involving ground-level insulation of structures against underground water, pressurized water, and radon. These insulation materials are based either on modified bitumen or, in most cases, on plastic foils.

Insulation of the ground/underground level of structures is very demanding in terms of quality work, as subsequent repair is very difficult. Therefore, we use special tool for automatic melting of the insulation foil, forming a double-fold seam with a control drain (canal). This solution allows pressure control on each seam during installation, so that any error or defect is discovered before covering up the insulation layer. Other special types of insulation
nsulation in this group is used for special purposes:

  • biotops, ponds and pits
  • pools
  • especially gasoline and other oil products
  • insulation against stray currents
  • special gravel insulation for floors