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Water is an uncontrolled element, Quality waterproofing only craftsmanship...

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The Company conducts activities primarily in the sphere of waterproof building insulation materials of all kinds.

  • We deliver complete insulated roofing blankets for flat roofs, including all the related professional work of various tradesmen.
  • We carry our general reconstructions of existing roofing blankets and restoration of existing insulation layers on flat roofs.
  • We install supplementary thermal blanketing of existing roofing blankets.
  • We deliver and install operational structural elements or layers in the form of roof blankets or terraces, such as walk galleries, mobile facilities, and roof gardens.
  • We install waterproof insulation on ground and underground level of structures, insulation against oil products, radon-protection insulation, special chemical insulation, and insulation against the effects of vagabond currents.
  • We provide comprehensive building services to investors, from project drafting and building permit procurement to organization of tender proceedings for individual subcontractors and general contractor services.
  • Since our Company wants to provide its clients with optimally comprehensive services, we offer also consulting and advisory services, including procurement of expert appraisals and bids, in addition to principal assembly activities.

Good quality of our operations is furthermore ensured through all the necessary mechanization and technical means for our work.

Our technicians draw up assessments and proposals for suitable insulation systems for investors, collaborate with planners and architects during the projecting phase. We are always prepared to suggest technical solutions and present bids for your structure.

High degree of qualifications and professionalism on the part of our personnel is based on the advantage of having a stabilized permanent team of specialists and a selection of suppliers of time-tested best-quality building systems and products.

Our Company relies on its workers’ qualifications and professionalism, motivation, and flexibility, giving them opportunities to upgrade their knowledge, acquire experience with the latest information in their profession and, last but not the least, setting up above-standard working conditions and social security and benefits.